Students' Research Projects
Literacy Studies and Local Pedagogies for Social Transformation

  • Critical Literacy Practices as a Self-Liberating Process (2017) Calderón Peña, Rina Tatiana
  • Experiencing Reading EFL Short Stories In The English Classroom (2017) Pineda Antolinez, Wilson Andrés
  • Building EFL learners' literacy through Blended Learning and Facebook (2017) Molano Arias, Nayibel
  • Fostering Literacy Practices in EFL Learners through Collaborative Inquiry (2017) 

    Sánchez Alfonso, Mónica Liliana

  • Co-constructing Home and School Connections Based on EFL Rural-Urban Students' Literacy Practices and their Community Assets (2017) López Navas, Ingrid Paola
  • Storytelling & Story-Reading: a way to Enhance EFL Students' Literacies. (2016) Rivera Pinzón, María Ximena
  • Developing Oral Interaction Skills in Foreign Language Learners through Media Literacy (2016) Neiva Montaño, Heydi Karen
  • Media Literacy to Promote Critical Thinking in the EFL Classroom (2016) Zárate León, Yolanda
  • English Literacy Promoted Through Home-school Connections in First Grade (2016) Parra Pirazán, Yanneth Leticia
  • Encouraging Students to Develop Critical Literacies Through Local Issue Articles (2016) Graciano Medina, Andrés Fabián
  • EFL Students' Social Identity Construction through Literacy Activities in an Online Learning Environment (2016) Moreno, Magda Jimena
  • Third Graders As Community Inquirers Writing Their Worlds (2016) Ziglinde Hernandez Gomez
  • Ninth Graders' Social Experiences to Promote Critical Literacy in EFL with Project-Based Learning (2015) Ruiz Sarmiento, Claudia Paola
  • Videogaming and Exploring EFL Students´ Literacy Practices in Warcraft: A Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) (2015) Calderín, Luis Alfonso
  • Fostering Student Inquiry Skills Through* Based Pedagogies (2014) July Andrea Rincon Ortega
  • Digital Storytelling: A Way To Boost Literacy Practices In Students At A1 Level (CEFR) (2014) Pedro Alejandro González Mesa
  • Dialogic Reading During Home Literacy Practices for Bilingual Development (2013) Carolina Rosero Nieto
  • Towards An Understanding of Students' Writing In An EFL Class. (2013) Ivonne Alejandra Silva Caro
  • Weblogs: a way to promote digital literacy skills and EFL writing. (2011). Sandra Juanita Lopez
  • Collaborative work to promote Fifth Grade Students´ Writing in an EFL context. (2011). Sonia Esperanza Rodríguez
  • Using visual literacy in a sequence of picture-stories to write narratives in EFL. (2010). AncizarLinares.
  • Considering children´s beliefs towards writing in EFL based on the process approach. (2010). Daniel Melgarejo
  • Reading of Images: a way to promote critical thinking skills with third graders. (2010). Marisol Sarmiento
  • Writing Hyperstories collaboratively for an authentic audience. (2010). Adriana Ivonne Aguirre
  • Story reading a catalyst for enriching home and school literacy practices. (2010). Amparo Onatra