Students' Research Projects
Teacher Education and Development

  • EFL Teachers' Professional Subjectivities in Times of Inclusion (2017) 

    Casas Trujillo, Jennifer Paola

  • Non-certified ELT teachers' narratives: A pedagogical reflection (2017) Duran Acero, Keily Paola
  • Unveiling EFL and Self-Contained Teachers' Discourses on Bilingualism within the context of Professional Development (2017) Camargo Cely, Jennyfer Paola
  • Exploring English Teachers' Knowledge Construction in Professional Development: Methodological Dimension (2017) Cuesta Morelos, Jonathan
  • Configuration of Subjectivities of English Language Teachers as NNESTs in the Frame of Colombian Language Policies: A Narrative Study (2017) Gómez Vásquez, Leidy Yisel
  • Teachers' Conceptualization of Information and Communication Technology - ICT (2015) Adriana Marcela Ibánez Sánchez
  • Exploring pre-service EFL Teachers' Multimodal Literacy Practices: Implications for Teacher Education (2015) López Bustos, Dixon
  • Teachers' Gender-Related Beliefs And Pedagogical Practices: Experiences In Single-Sex Classrooms (2015) Malagón Cotrino, Laura
  • In-Service Teachers Fostering Language Teaching Practices Through Reflection And Collaboration: A Strategy For Teacher Education (2014) Edgar Augusto Aguirre Grazon
  • A Case Study On A Primary School Teachers' Linguistic And Cultural Identities (2014) Javier Iván Guerrero Escobar
  • Student-teachers' identities portrayed during reading response activities. (2011). Victor Javier Moreno
  • Teachers´ espoused theories of action about oral tests. (2011).  Diana Milena Célis V.
  • English Teachers´perceptions of Social Responsibility of their practice: Teachers Building Society. (2010). Angelica Maria Rojas Cardozo
  • Teachers´ Knowledge about Language Teaching and Curriculum: A narrative experience. (2010) Jenny Alexandra Mendieta
  • Virtual Forums a potential pedagogical tool for Collaborative learning in Teacher Education. (2010). Martha Isabel Espitia